Thursday, December 9, 2010

The light bulb moment

Wow, It has been a long time since I posted. Too long. There have been a lot of ups and downs since my last post oh so many months ago.

At the end of summer I was 244 or so. I started college again. For some reason when I am going to school I gain weight. The stress or something makes me want to binge and because I am tired- between work and school I don't plan what I am going to eat. I also stop going to the gym.

I had my English final today. Before I went I hopped on the scales. 264. Twenty pounds. And It popped into my head (light bulb moment) that if I gain six pounds I will be back at 270, which would be so easy to do. But if I stop and work at this I could lose six pounds and probably more.

I am done with this semester next Wednesday. I have a month off before next semester. A month to focus on weight loss. Starting today. I am going to the gym after work tonight and every night that I work. I have Monday and Wednesday off next week. But every other day I am going to the gym.

I will work on my eating too. Those are my goals. First to get these six pounds off then the rest. Wish me luck. :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Drama drama drama drama......

Ok. So I went to my mom's last friday. As planned had a great time. I ate awesome and even managed to exercise a few times. I went to the movies with two of my sisters on Friday night.

I got to go to Kenzie's lacrosse game and Kayla's softball game. A whole bunch of stuff. It was just so much fun to hang out with everyone. I always have a blast.

My car has been acting up lately. I have had it since I was sixteen or seventeen so It has lasted quite awhile. My mom lives an hour and a half away. I knew by Tuesday that there was no way it was going to make it home. I was suppose to come home Tuesday but I didn't make it until late last night.

I ended up buying a car. Its nice and seems to run great. Its two years newer than my old one. I think I made the right decision. I spent today getting everything set and getting it on the rd. I had to pick up extra hours at work because now I am broke. So for the next bit I might not be posting very much. Always something going on in my life. :D

In other news...Today was my weigh in and the result is 247!!!YEA!!!! Down Two pounds from last week. It made my day!!

Well I hope your day was as great as mine!! I am hoping for zero drama in the coming week. Wish me luck with that.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

As planned....

Today I went to the gym. Thirty mins on the elliptical and then the workout I got from Shape mag. I was at the gym a little more than an hour. It was a pretty good workout.

I had one of the applesauce muffins for breakfast. When I got back from the gym I made myself a protein shake. It is my great-uncle's bday so we had a get together with the family. I at one cheeseburger on a bun with ketchup and mustard. One scoop of baked beans and one scoop of potato salad. I also really splurged and had a small peice of chocolate cake.

Not too bad but I guess I should have passed on the cake. It looked so good. I was a little too impulsive. I knew I was eating heavier foods for dinner tonite. It was the reason I ate so much lighter this morning.

I took my cousin to get his tux for his prom this weekend. He looked sooo handsome. I can't believe he has grown up so fast. We grew up together and he is like my little brother. Well anyway it was fun. I wont be there on Saturday so it was nice to see him in it.

Well I had a good weigh in was this morning.............249!!!!!!!

It has taken so long for me to get out of the 250s. This feels huge. I am not far into the 240s so I have to be careful. But It made me feel amazing.

I am going out of town for a four day weekend so I might not check in. Have a great weekend. :D

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cookin Cookin Cookin

Well today went by sooo fast. I went to the gym early. I focused on cardio today. I did my run/walk on the treadmill for 30min. My hip was bothering me so I decided to try the bike. You lean back in the chair and pedal. I tried the fat burning plus program......OMG my legs have never been sooo on fire before. Lol, I was afraid it wouldn't be a good workout. I changed my tune after maybe ten seconds of pedaling.

It was hard but I finished the full twenty min. on the bike. Then I just walked for on the treadmill for the last ten minutes. I stretched before and after the cardio so I got a pretty good workout in. Tomorrow I will do my body shape up workout. I got it out of Shape mag. It is hard but I feel it working. The first time I did it I could hardly make it thru. Now I have added reps to it.

I made applesauce wheat muffins today. I got the recipe off The muffins have less than 100 cal in each one. They are yummy and came out pretty moist. I also tried salsa chicken. The recipe said to use a slow cooker but I just baked it in the oven and put it over rice. It was pretty good and so easy to make.

I am really enjoying using these healthy recipes. Its fun to try these new foods. I think my grandparents are enjoying my efforts too. I am thinking about going to my moms for the weekend. Friday thru Monday. I promised my sister Kenzie I would go to one of her lacrosse games. I totally lost track of time and she only has two games left. Jeez what a bad sister I am.

Anyway when I go down I am planning on going with my sister Emily to her gym. They have a good policy about guests so I can't wait. Well I think that's enough for now. Have a good night.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm Back

Well today I went back to the gym. I was so busy with work all weekend and last week. It felt like I just went to work and then to bed and then repeat.

Well today I set a goal for myself to go to the gym everyday till friday. The reward is a sweatshirt from

I made pasta with peanut sauce for dinner tonight. I got the recipe from It was so good and I will def make it again. Even my grandpa who has been picky with food lately seemed to like it.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Another good day...

OK so I didn't make it to the gym today but it was still a good day.

I had a meeting at the college I applied to. You may have read my intro on the right side of my blog. One of my goals is to go back to school for my RN. Well I applied last month. Today I took my placement test and had a meeting with my advisor. I signed up for an English and a bio class for the fall.

I want to go slow and not overwhelm myself. That is how I have gotten into trouble in the past, and not only in the weight department. So slow. It will be good.

So it was a good day. I feel accomplished!! Hope you had a good day too!....Jessie

Monday, May 3, 2010

Retail Therapy

So my best friend Holly and I went shopping yesterday and had a blast. Nothing like spending money to make you feel better.

I bought some Mother's Day gifts and a couple of things I needed. The clothes I bought are the purchases I want to talk about tho. As you may know I am a nurse. I spend quite a bit of time in scrubs. Since I have lost so much weight (60 pounds) many of my white pants just hang off me.

I was kind of reluctant to buy new ones because it becomes expensive. I started in a 4x and am in a 2x now. I can't buy pants for every size I go through. Yesterday we went to the uniform store, Holly has a serious scrub addiction. I decided to try on the XL pants. Surprise, surprise they fit. A little tight in certain places but not bad at all.

The great thing about it is I can wear them for a long while and now I wont look so messy with my crotch hanging to my knees. :P

We also went to a store I had never tried before that carries plus sized clothes. And I was surprised that they were cute. We looked for awhile, I did not expect to spend anything because I had already spent enough, but I like to try clothes on. Especially now while I'm losing weight. It's just fun to see what I can fit into now.

Well I found a cute pair of jeans on sale. They were a size 18. NO WAY were they going to fit but I thought "what the hell". And guess what they did fit!!! I just had to buy the first pair of 18s that fit.

It was a good day. BTW if you have not seen Back-up Plan go see it right this minute!!! That movie is hilarious!!! So funny I almost peed my pants.....Jessie